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Hi, this is my new webpage, even tough it doesn't have much different downloads from my older webpage, i mostly moved to this new one because of the larger storage space.

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News :

07 April 2009 :

Not much to say, just to say that i still haven’t quit any of the projects, even tough probably the gta3 convertion project will probably be done by Harm now so that i can focus on the pt2 mod byitself as soon as i can get back to c2 editing.

27 August 2007 :

Due to lack of time because of several big projects i am doing, not related to Carmageddon2 since last december, currently i don't have to time continue these projects, BUT i garantee i will continue them in a few months later, maybe near the end of this year or so, since i am still very motivated to continue these projects, specially the gta cities porting to carma2.

25 October 2006 :

Just created this new website !

Tools Downloads :

Ase2Asc 1.2.3 fix

Ase2Asc Installer (older version)

Textured 3d scenes processor for Plaything2

This is my latest tool for porting .ase files directly to Plaything2. It supports a lot of stuff, like :

  • creating .asc files WITH texture mapping coordinates for Plaything2 (now it's done in a way that Plaything2 recognizes that)
  • splitting a 3d scene in more than 1 asc file when having more than 255 objects
  • ports diffuse color and opacity settings in 3dsmax materials (maybe it supports other 3d modellers ase files as well)
  • also recognizes .asc files (no texture information is processsed becuase of .asc limitations) so that misc operations can be done with it (3d studio axis flipping, spliting in 255 object asc files, analizing minor errors, etc)
  • and many other stuff

Note that if you don't have vb6 runtimes or the program doesn't run, please install the older version and then just overwrite the main .exe file with the new version (you don't have to rename the .exe file)

Also, shortly before this temporary stop i had in carma2 editing, i started porting this tool into Visual Bais .NET, so it will have major improvements, altough i can only continue working on it when i have less non carma2 related projects to do.

Pt2 VB6 Macros mod Build 1 (no macros yet)

Plaything2 mod

Unfortunately it's been several months i don't work on this, but i haven't quit yet, meanwhile here's a kind of "lite version" of this mod, while i don't finish the macros version. Ignore the grayed (M) options since they refer to macros which obviously won't work at the moment. This is the version i currently use as well, that's why it's named vb6 macros, since i am preparing the macros for this window title.

Special notes :

  • Note that even without macros it's still a HUGE improvement over the original version of Plaything2, besides some crahes are much easier to avoid now thanks to resource hacker stuff i did, and also it has keyboard shortcuts for about everything. Also the best tuturials for Plaything2 are in C2 SCIENTIST'S website.
  • of course you still need the original version of plaything2's package

Pixies 2.0

Pixies packer/unpacker 2.0

Like the name says, it's a pixies.p16 and pixies.p08 packer and unpacker, but this version is quite old and i even already lost the source code of it, and today i have a LOT more knowledge about vb6, and besides i discovered a bug in this version, it gives a overflow error when trying to pack too many .pix files. I am going to make a remake of this tool later, with more optimized code than this one has, in Visual Basic .NET format.

C2 cheat strings editor 1.0

Carma2 internal cheats editor 1.0

This is another interesting tool i maded long ago, mostly to show to the public the SUPER SECRET cheat 'steel gonad o'death' but it's also very usefull for changing the keys string for the flying car cheat (so that you won't have to type IWISHICOULDFLYRIGHTUPTOTHESKY anymore!). Unfortunately the string to activate cheat mode (LAPMYLOVEPUMP) seems to give problems when trying to associate another string with it, but so far it's the only one. This is a problem of carma2 itself, not from my program.

Please note that just like the pixies pack/unpacker this version is also quite old and i also lost the code to it, but it doesn't matter much, so far i didn't discovered any significant bugs so it won't be remaded ever.

Portland Preview

Portland Preview

Preview bit of a port of Portland from GTA3.

Links to other sites :

How to contact me :

Please do that by the forum https://www.cwaboard.co.uk/ (my user name is Cesm23)